• Banff Wilderness Photography Workshop

    Banff Wilderness Photography Workshop

    In September, I attended the Banff Wilderness Photography Workshop. I was very honoured to be part of this Workshop as when I applied, I was aware that only 20 applicants were accepted. I also got the chance to photograph with well renowned National Geographic Photographer Gordan Wiltsie and two highly respected photographers within Banff Paul Zizka and Dan Rafla. It was such a pleasure taking part in this workshop and being under their guidance, plus they were so entertaining HAHA! They took us to beautiful scenes around banff. I learnt so much from them that will definitely take me further into my photography career.

    My fellow applicants were such a joy to be around. We all connected so well and we strongly wanted each other to succeed. It is so awesome be around so many people who are passionate about photography and I am thrilled to still be connected to these folks today.

    This experience was so empowering and I can't wait to attend it again! I have lot's a favourites from the trip but here are the ones I narrowed it down to. Please make sure to check out my instructors photography Paul Zizka Gordan Wiltsie Daniel Rafla