My name is Lindsay Bonk, owner/operator of Lindsay Bonk photography. I have always carried a true love of photography. Since I could remember, photographs always caught my eye. In particular, I am fascinated by nature and animals. As a child, I flipped through countless books and magazines never reading one bit of information but studying each and every photograph. After having some incredible adventures traveling, photographing, and editing; I knew I wanted to pursue a career in photography.

 Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba and a graduate of Praireview School of Photography, I aim to create a positive interaction between humans and nature, by capturing the unique personalities of wildlife and reflecting on what nature reveals to the world. I also offer a wide variety of services to businesses and individuals including; weddings, portraits and special events. I have a huge heart for local animal rescues and contribute my skills in order to help them grow. Click on my “featured in” section to see the wonderful organizations I have had the pleasure of working with.

 I am known to be “hippy and adventurous” according to my friends! Yoga is essential to my life and I am consistently reading self-improvement books. I love to travel and attend music festivals! I have the most supportive man in my life and alongside us, Luna, our dog who shares so much love with us. I enjoy a good outgoing and laugh with friends and I am nuts about sushi! I would love to sit back and connect with you over a coffee anytime.